Takeaway menu

OPENING TIMES Tuesday-Saturdays 5.30pm-9pm CONTACT: TEL: 01297625926 (after 10am only) EMAIL: bookings@theshedsteakhouse.co.uk Or message the INSTAGRAM or facebook page: @theshedsteakhouse. PRE-ORDER AND COLLECT from our bar area.

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All burgers are served in a Brioche style bread roll, with pickled red onion, tomato, and crisp lettuce.

6oz beef burger, crispy bacon, cheddar cheese, shed burger sauce £8.50 *Dairy, Sulphates, Gluten, Egg, mustard*

Crispy fried chicken breast, peppercorn mayo and BBQ sauce £8.50 * Sulphates, Egg, Gluten*

Plant based chilli bean Burger, enchilada sauce and guacamole  (VG) £8.50 * Sulphates, Gluten*

The Carsyn Burger – Lemon and black pepper breaded fish fillet, Lemon & herb mayo, crisp gem , tomato and pickled red onion served in a brioche style bun. £8.50  *Sulphates, Egg, Gluten, fish*


BBQ pork ribs – ½ rack of ribs £9 -Full rack of ribs £12 (add fries £2)  *barley, sulphates*

Southern fried Chicken strips £6 * Egg, Gluten*


Sweet potato fries £4

Skin on fries £2

Hand made Coleslaw £3  * Egg*

Buttered Corn the cob £1.50 *Dairy*

Onion rings £3 * Gluten*

**We can’t gaurentee Gluten free chips **

Kids menu £6.95

All served with a kid’s drink and option of peas OR Corn cob.

Southern fried Chicken strips & fries *gluten,Egg*

Salt and pepper squid & fries *gluten, shelfish/mollusc *

Kids veggie or beef burger & fries *gluten*

Mac & cheese *dairy, Gluten*

Spaghetti Bolognese *gluten*


Our own Hand made Ice creams in a waffle cone or Pot *dairy*

1 scoop£2.20

2 scoop £3.20

Clotted cream, chocolate, strawberry, caramel, smooth peanut butter, espresso & hazelnut, Baileys +50p or grumble bee honey rum +50p. Raspberry sorbet, Peach sorbet . NO MOOS here coconut and chocolate icecream

Milkshakes and iced coffee £3.75 400ml

Clotted cream, chocolate, strawberry, peanut butter*peanuts*, Baileys*sulphates*, caramel and coffee. You can also add any ice cream flavour to our ICED voyager coffee drinks